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Saturday, August 25th, 2012

“Julia” is a rare example of a story purely subjective. The perspective here is the only character I ever will be known. I do not see more than her, not hear, we know. This selectivity is beneficial for observing the impact of the whole, not necessarily the original story. Events that could be attributed

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to the child sensation suddenly become exciting, because we participate in them. When Julia negotiates ransom over the phone, we do not know whether or not eavesdropping by the police. When someone deduct car, we do not know whether he survived. We share the uncertainty of the heroine, becoming with her for better or for worse. Although we do not have any reason for doing so. Potential long since any film was not so much dependent on the individual actor’s work. “Julia” is – literally – Tilda Swinton. Her strength and passion, amazing acting tour de force by which the adventures of the title character gain real dimension. Emotionally and worried, silently breaking the passivity of our collection. Move, but they can be hardly sensational backdrop for the story.


For Swinton, however, has not impossible – in the role of an alcoholic impetuous unpleasant and plays as if it were her what dzieƄ.Erick Zonca, author of the award-winning “dreamed of living angels” once again makes himself known as an intriguing portrait of emotions.


Appearing next plays Julia, which provokes the same, Zonca not use them for cheap drama that, overall, give the heroine a lesson. It is full of patience, understanding and focuses on her excruciating pain, and at the same time does not justify the slightest weakness. For it entrusts its full actress, making interpretation of the success of the entire project. Do not fail to. Disciplined and full involvement of the internal creation of Tilda Swinton proves that it is not without reason that one of the most outstanding actresses. Dvd cover for “Julia” are made by Katarzyna Pietras. Barry performs dvd cover and cover blu-ray, such as the “Julia” and makes it the dvd covers CoverCity. This site provides free cover for the film Julia.