The brightest part of the movie “The guy who crashed” is a figure of the main character, as interpreted by Matthew Perry, a positive surprise here is very good tragicomic role – especially since earlier rather accustomed only to his comedy image. Perry creates a sympathetic and authentic

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character affected by a variety of mental disorders. Active in the end made a very good film, which also makes for a moment of reflection on life. Hudson Milbank – not bad Hollywood screenwriter capable of operation – gets more and more depressed. It is believed that the burnt marijuana at the party. A visit to a psychologist, but it derives from a sense of guilt and erroneous beliefs. Hudson is suffering from deep depression, after the first, but the second result of this depression is another serious mental illness – manifested by a sense of depersonalization dvd coversĀ losing their own identity. In addition, it appears in obsessive-compulsive disorder and a team of obsessive-compulsive disorder. It is no wonder that more and more Hudson closes in on itself, avoid leaving the apartment, relaxation is watching golf tournaments and still afraid of the word “death” can result in the death of his father. Feels happy only at a specific time of day – just after dawn, and the adrenaline rush it provides only shoplifting. But something in his psyche twitch when, during one of the meetings, during which sells scenarios with your partner, know Sarah. When it stops at least for a moment to think about all your problems … no i just fall in love. He decides that he must be with her. But is that he falls in love, that certainly means that it, too? Dvd cover “guy who is suspended,” are made by Gregory Niszne. Performs covers Grzes dvd blu-ray cover such as the “guy who is suspended” and makes it the dvd covers CoverCity. This site provides free cover for the film guy who is suspended.

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