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Saturday, September 1st, 2012

Risky as Robert Zemeckis chose to say goodbye to cinema actor. Before fully dedicated himself to procreation przeestetyzowanych animation, made

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a “Cast Away” – economical reinterpretation of the vicissitudes of Robinson Crusoe. Interestingly, his vision turns out to be a distant Hollywood standards. No music here (at least up to a point), developed the dialogue, and even the expected grandeur. On the contrary – for nearly half an hour the screen filled with overgrown actions, muttering under his breath savage. Is the assumption that you can count on the box office’wy success? With Tom Hanks on board, with all pewnością.Jego life on a desert island is not for Zemeckis wickets for exciting survival. Rather, it asks for your hero, following the changing habits and progressive alienation. The conclusion that the director draws from his observations is rather simple: the modern man can not live in isolation from the civilized world. Hanks’ character finds out about it at every turn: is this amateur performing dental surgery or waging fierce battles for fresh food.

An important factor in his existence proves the need for contact with other people – the opportunity to share their sorrows and joys, express doubts and hopes. In “Cast Away,” the role of the trustee of such a full ball ashore, the hero baptized under its brand – is Wilson.To Hanks carries on his shoulders the full potential of the film, supporting the work carried out over the years, the image of honest fajtłapy. In this persona Zemeckis is covered with a cloak indeed distanced senior professional, but by the dramatic events soon turns out to be a derivative of the classic everyman. The same transformation is impressive. Obsessed with time and order of the Director of FedEx, Hanks becomes devoid of any survivor benefits. Desperate, lonely, lost in despair. On his way miserable. Dvd cover for “Cast Away” are made by Mariusz Mankowski. Mariusz Leon performs cover dvd and blu-ray cover such as the “Cast Away” and makes it the dvd covers CoverCity. This site provides free dvd cover for the film Cast Away.

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  1. danio says:

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