I invite you to the cinema to see the movie

Saturday, August 25th, 2012

The dramaturgy of the film is and squeals. Apart from the fact that the screen is not really happening NIC and by almost the entire session, it seems

movie covers

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that a malicious writer wanted to talk the audience to death, the relationship between the main characters are terribly flat. I would like to say that the “closed circle” is a film for the average pain, and thus somehow more bearable, giving the brewery watch with a cold sneer minded among friends, but I just can not. The fact that the image is marked by mediocrity Tuela from every side, which in itself is not so bad.

However, the film gives the phrase “boring tripe oil as” an entirely new dimension and is hopelessly flat emotionally, makes any desire to take pleasure in watching it cover will border on masochism, and the time devoted to it will be irretrievably lost. Father wants son took over the family business, and has a son in the nose.

Son does not have money to buy a beautiful mansion in the future lodge, must therefore carry his father after robbery escapades. The girl’s son does not know that love is a gangster, but also become aware of this by a police officer of a private vendetta armpit can not weaken her faith in a boyfriend .. A team of police itself, was announced in a tragic script, which can lead writer hidden prejudices, looks as if its members need a coffee maker with coffee. The account also added wystawianemu Tuelowi suit absence of any voltage, which smacks not know what, when you consider that at the end of the movie familia Malakianów, backed by force cousins, kidnapped on stealing tens of millions of Euros to urgently secure the aircraft. Dvd cover “closed circle” is made by Krzysztof Stefanek. Chris performs cover dvd blu-ray cover such as a “closed circle” and makes it the CoverCity. This site provides free cover for the film closed circle.


2 comments on “I invite you to the cinema to see the movie

  1. dvd covers says:

    This lavish musical, a trivial narrative structure, but I think that artists who are going through similar impotence, will appreciate this movie. For mere mortals will not be here for anything interesting. But I think it worth the risk if only because, in order to enjoy the real beauty of real women.

  2. minia says:

    Musical remains musical. Dynamic choreography, perfectly fit into the meaning of the story of Italian songs do not spoil the climate of the sixties, a world full of class, but also of desire. Climate extremely important for the image. Well-executed images, set design, music, film making deeper, allowing the viewer to experience the world of Guido, to understand his dilemma, and even feel the same confusion and deception in the full life unnaturally fast.

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