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Saturday, August 25th, 2012

If one film alone captures the elegance and flair of old Hollywood, this is just “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” – stylish and charming romantic comedy Blake Edwards, now seen primarily as a romance movie perfect, immortal essence of the classic formula hollywodzkiego cinema. But is this true? Filmed

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on the basis of Truman Capote’s novel “Breakfast …” was established after the fall of the studio system, but before the turbulent lifestyle and political transformations that have the final call for reform of the U.S. American cinema. This kind of dissonance, or even lack of appropriate allocation  resulted in an intriguing allegory current of sexuality-materialistic priorities of the middle class, which peeps shyly from beneath the layers of apparent prudery and conservatism. Paradoxically, however, “Breakfast …” is in memory of a very different powodu.

To moreover, not only the perversity of this, as it seems, the classic tale. Despite the humorous tendencies Blake Edwards, the film retains its sophisticated drama. For what is filtered Holly existence concealed pain if you do not slow agony of her desire, and from today’s

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perspective, a warning before a dizzying rush of life? Superficial relationships vividly recall the heroine as those with which we encounter every day as users of all sorts of social networks. Not surprisingly, the “Breakfast …” is seen today primarily as a kind of fairy tale or even a romantic comedy.

After all, a romantic happy ending, which is mandatory film ends with Edwards, embodies the ideals of faith in the power of that just are not in the best condition. Dvd cover for “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” are made by Agata Pietrzak. Agata does cover dvd and blu-ray cover such as the “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and makes it the dvd covers CoverCity. This site provides free cover for the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

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  1. x-box 360 covers says:

    Irritating (and unfair) seem to voices of critics, who accuse Rob Marshall for deliberate desecration of the works of the Master. “Fellini in his grave” – we read in the pages of one of the “cultural” magazine. And who today is Fellini, outside the narrow circle of admirers blind? For many, “Nine” will remain brilliantly told story of a man who can not cope with their own lives, whose fame and celebrity status mean nothing in comparison with the inner frustration and lack of emotional balance. Guido is still a little boy wandering around the stage under the feet of dancers, hidden safely behind a fan of artificial feathers.

    Noteworthy is great acting with Daniel Day-Lewis as Guido Contini in the lead. Surprisingly well-sought-after recent falls Marion Cotillard as his wife, and his song “Take It All”, and the wild and untamed lover Penelope Cruz as Carla. The level of sex appeal and tasteful staff compensated one hundred percent my musical horror and the mastery with which Rob Marshall, captures the atmosphere of the Italian Cinnecitta 60s, points to a new dimension of cinematic spectacle.

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