liar and traitor

Saturday, August 25th, 2012

Although “Kwaidan” is without a doubt the most famous works of Japanese cinema and absolute canon of horror cinema, it’s hard to say that really

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scared. Kobayashi, extremely sensitive visual artist, focusing on the form of the film. With Hearn chooses four texts – they are quite simple stories of ghosts and demons in the leading roles. Samurai leaves the family but returns broken after years of not knowing what will meet him at home surprise. Young lumberjack in the forest meets a mysterious snow woman who takes the life of his companion, and prohibits anyone about the recall. Years later, however, the man tells the story of his wife, forgetting the oath. Blind Buddhist monk is haunted by the ghosts of the fallen samurai and forced to sing for their stories.


A man still runs into a face … a cup of tea. The first three are of a mood of horror, the last one is more comedic, it’s important that the story is infinitely more important form. Actually, the visual layer, extremely elaborate here. Amazing shot, beautiful colors and mysterious scenery, strong departure from realism to some theater – or maybe just fabulous? – Staging. On the one hand, of course diligence in putting essential elements: fog envelops the stairs to the cemetery, where they meet with the spirits, design samurai battle ships, pale face and a mysterious light snow female demon, disturbing the appearance of a monk, which (almost) the whole body is covered with spells hiding him from the spirits. But it’s also a lot of visual flavor to the story irrelevant – fabulous, extremely unrealistic visions of heaven, horse training scenes samurai, interweaving the stories of Japanese reproductions of images …


Watching “Kwaidan”, is like contemplating the works for centuries worshiped sztuki.Japończycy amazing story. Reportedly told them especially in the hot summer days – can be a better way to cool down than a passing chill the spine, while listening to another story about ghosts? Beautiful (for lovers of horror) practice was great meeting, with the aim of telling and listening to dozens of stories like this. Imagine the fact that – in the evening of a beautiful summer day, sit 100 people and is 100 candles lit. Each of them tells a story about ghosts or demons – after it finishes, one of the candles is extinguished. After each such story is getting darker, and we all listened to yet another amazing story. What a great mood had to be horror, thickening of every minute! Only dream of … I think we already know where the subsequent popularity of the Japanese horror film. When you have such traditions … DVD Covers for “Kwaidan” is performed by Eve Banas. Eve performs cover dvd and blu-ray cover such as the “Kwaidan” and makes it the dvd covers CoverCity. This site provides free cover for the film Kwaidan.


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