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Friday, August 24th, 2012

“Internal enemy” is a successful war drama that moves a sad part of modern history. Film Florento Emilio Siri’ego next psychological

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transformation of the main characters, also shows a very realistic, frightening picture of the war, which include, among others, dropping napalm on the Algerian guerrillas or well-executed fight sequences. The biggest downside of this is due to some historical bias, from which we learn that it was not the Poles had the biggest impact on winning Monte Casino, but it was the French. Well … despite this setback, however, is the most successful film. Algerian War was fought between 1954-1963, and eventually led to a complete break with Algeria from France. All this war can be compared in terms of futility and wanton cruelty to the war between the United States and Vietnam, or between Russia and Afghanistan. In all these wars, it also appeared that the strong favorite had to tuck tail and withdraw from the country that invaded. In addition, as a result of the Algerian War claimed the lives of over half a million people.


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The same France only in the nineties covercity officially admitted that in Algeria waged all out war in violation of numerous international conventions. Until hard to believe that the history of this thread so far not enjoyed such popularity, such as the war in Vietnam. He was nominated for a French Caesar, the film speaks to us through the most tremendous realism portraying the cruelty and barbarism of war, which allowed for the two warring parties. Every scene seems to be the next piece of the puzzle showing the process of dehumanization of the human in the face of death. But the most moving psychological transformation units.

We have the opportunity to see an example of Lieutenant Terrien, who is coming to Algeria ideals, believes in justice and humanity. However, under the influence of evil that will see it begin to break the boundaries. The transformation of the hero falls very realistic game with a very good actor Benoît Magimel.  for “internal enemy” are made by Pamela Antonowską. Pamelia does cover dvd and blu-ray cover such as the “internal enemy” and makes it the dvd covers CoverCity. This site provides free cover for the film The internal enemy.

2 comments on “packages for beginners

  1. niono32 says:

    In one of the editions of the monthly “Film” published an article describing how American filmmakers “stealing” ideas from Europe and forge them into a gold mine. Orson Welles said that American movies are the best and worst of all, a picture of “Nine” is a great example.

    Musicals have never interested me. To date, perhaps two saw. Going to the cinema to see “Nine”, so I did not have high expectations, what is more, expect to get a production in which the heroes rather than speak the most important issue, I’ll sing them every move. Fortunately, it was not. Rob Marshall deftly combines the story of theatrical performances that blend into a whole. They thought, do not impose the viewer, although I must admit that sometimes hinder the story.

    The staging of the individual performances is fairly impressive. Styling the 50s builds a charming atmosphere. Most liked the performance fell Fergie on the song “Be Italian”, because it is the most dynamic and visually the most interesting, and even the same song is the best of all.

    The story is based on “Eight and a Half Men” Fellini is not especially sophisticated. Here is a director who goes looking for creative impotence consolation in nine women around him. There’s depth comparable to Fellini’s film, but American filmmakers had no intention to compete with the master. Drew the largest galaxy of stars and showed that they can do the worst and best of cinema.

    Actors acquitted themselves variously. Kidman is beautiful, but she had to play a little. Dench plays the level, but it does not have the larger field of possibilities. Hudson falls completely pale and Penelope Cruz. Her performance rewarded with an Academy Award nomination is the biggest mistake Film Academy for many years. I most liked Marion Cotillard, but in fact her role required the actress has been more involved. The only male “raisins” in the group – Daniel Day-Lewis in his role falls reliably unless he starts singing.

  2. kanis23 says:

    Rob Marshall’s previous musical, “Chicago”, went to the history of cinema. It is not easy for the second time to create a work that be such a success, and above all bring something new to cinema. Something that will give him the recognition and timelessness. Marshall directed the original film, despite its momentum, inspired by Federico Fellini’s famous painting “Eight and a half.” Presented a psychological portrait of a man who can not cope with their own lives and emotions. It transcends fame, artificial world that millions envy him. No one knows what love is, and what is just lust.

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